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Freight Broker License

Property brokers who arrange interstate transportation for a fee are regulated by the United States Department of Transportation. You may apply for a Federal license through this site. Your state may also regulate brokers. We are a private, third-party provider offering services for a fee. This is a commercial solicitation and advertisement. Registration Services is NOT affiliated with any government authority.

A Property Broker License is essentially a business license issued by the USDOT to operate as a third party intermediary arranging for motor carrier transportation. Commonly referred to as "Freight Brokers," Property Brokers and agents often work from the comfort of home. The main purpose of a broker license is to regulate financial responsibility of brokers. Brokers are required to post a $75,000 surety bond or trust fund agreement for the protection of shippers and carriers with whom the broker does business. Contact a Licensed Transportation Practitioner for help securing a bond. 
 All motor carrier authority applicants must file a legal point of contact for all 48 Continental states. You must have someone designated in each state to receive legal process on your behalf and forward legal papers to your official address of record. Your agents will be assigned for you when you apply for authority through this site. Form BOC-3 will be issued to you and the government listing your individual agents for each state. Your BOC-3 will be filed with USDOT for you under your MC or FF Number.
There is no examination or experience required for a Freight Broker License. Fitness is no longer regulated due to the Interstate Commerce Commission Termination Act of 1995, which de-regulated the trucking industry on January 1st, 1996.
Usual OP-1 application processing time for freight brokerage applications electronically filed through this site is 3-4 weeks. There is a 10 business day public notice and comment period so your license  cannot be issued sooner than 3 weeks.
Your license will be granted upon compliance with the financial security and process agent requirements as long as you comply within 90 days of submission of your application. Applicants who do not comply within 90 days will have their applications dismissed. Applicants may then petition the USDOT for reconsideration up to one year, after which, a new application must be submitted. If you need to petition USDOT for reconsideration, Click Here to connect to a licensed transportation practitioner. 
 2. Who needs a Property Broker License? 
Companies that operate as “for-hire” third party intermediaries (for a fee or other compensation) that arrange for the transportation of  federally-regulated commodities across state lines ("in interstate commerce") are required to have a Property Broker's License. A Household Goods Broker license is required to broker moving jobs to moving companies. 
Brokers are issued an MC Number but not a USDOT safety tracking number, since brokers do not operate their own trucks or drivers. You will get an MC Number by filing through this site.
You may secure a Freight Broker License online through this website. Click the link below to start the application process:
Click Here (coming soon)
to apply for an intrastate Freight Broker License from the state of Illinois to arrange for motor carrier of property (trucking) service solely point-to-point with the state of Illinois.
Click Here (coming soon)
to apply for an intrastate Freight Broker License from the state of Virginia to arrange for motor carrier of property (trucking) service solely point-to-point with the state of Virginia.
Click Here (coming soon)
to apply for an intrastate Household Goods Broker License from the state of Florida to arrange for motor carrier of household goods (moving) service solely point-to-point with the state of Florida.
4. What happens after I get a Property Broker License?
You must file for Unified Carrier Registration ("UCR"). This is the registration of your federal freight broker license with the states. Your UCR fee will be calculated at check out and submitted for you. Fee includes state and third-party processing fees. You must then renew your UCR annually.

5. What are the Costs?

The $700 Fee you will pay through this website includes:
The Official $300 Federal Filing Fee due upon filing your Electronic OP-1 Application;
Your USDOT Number;
Your MC Number;
A $400 service fee that includes your Electronic BOC-3 Filing which is a listing of Process Agents for all 50 States and Licensed Transportation Practitioner Representation
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